When you build your own vehicle, you are responsible for any and all consequences, including how well you drive and how well you construct it.  HellTrike was designed as a piece of art, and built in the living room one winter by Slacker, just for the purpose of making winter go away. His is a sound piece of art, that he made a choice to have inspected and approved by the D.O.T. Yours may or may not be.  These are the plans as he designed and constructed his, since he loves it dearly, and is the kind of guy that likes to share the good things in life with others.  This piece of art just didn't "happen" or "fall out of the sky", it took months and months of engineering problems to overcome.  However, in this day and age of no one assuming responsiblity for his or her own actions, and since we live in a legalistic society, Slacker G is setting this project strictly as an art project, so in case some complete idiot drives one over a cliff and lands on a little old lady at the bottom of the hill pushing her shopping cart, Slacker G doesn't care to be in a lawsuit.  Therefore, Helltrike is presented to you as a thing of beauty to look at and admire, not to be ridden.
Now if you build it, and God forbid, ride it, that's got nothing to do with Road Art or Slacker G.  That's your decision.  The truth of the matter is, most of the little weasels that do build this wonderful living room art piece, are not going to give Slacker or Road Art any credit for it's design anyway.  Most of the little weasels are going to lie through their ass and claim all the credit for it's design.  Naturally, I don't feel you would do this...but all that other lying scum sucking bunch of brainless morons who never had an original idea of their own out there probably will.  It takes a real man to tell the truth"

Slacker G.
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